Post-Game Roundup: Emerald Destiny

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A distress call from the planet Rodia has been received by the Galactic Allaince. The message states that they are under attack from unknown adversaries and require military aid. After loosing several scouting parties, and with all other venues of investigation exausted, the GA has asked the Jedi Order to investigate.

Still reeling from Exar Kun’s failed attack, the Order is unable to send a team of Jedi to investigate. However, former Rebel commando, Jedi Master Geeto Islad, has volunteered to lead a small strike team to Rodia while Master Valyagar stays behind to watch over the students. For dark dreams have been plaguing the Jedi students, visions of an approaching storm that seems centered on the fledgling academy.

As Geeto’s shuttle prepares to drop from hyperspace, the Rodian Jedi Master is focused on the task at hand, unaware of the destiny waiting for him in orbit above his world…

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Post-Game Roundup: Dark Specter

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Time: 7 ABY, six months after the Skirmish on Centerpoint Station.

Player Characters: Geeto Islad (Andrew), Daranek Valyagar (Pudge), Kelvin Relnegar (James).


The six months following the foundation of the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV have been relativity uneventful — in so far as nothing has occurred that requires the attention of Geeto and Daranek — and the training of the inaugural class of Jedi Knights has proceeded with virtually no hiccups.

That is, until now.

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Post-Game Roundup: Jedi Search

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Time: Early 7 ABY, 2 years after the defeat of the Sith Empire.

Player Characters: Geeto Islad (Andrew), Daranek Valyagar (Pudge), Kelvin Relnagar (James)


Daranek and Geeto woke up to find themselves blindfolded and bound, their weapons and equipment missing — their restraints were sending infrequent electrical pulses through their bodies , preventing them from calling upon the Force. As their guards, members of the Prexiar Pirates, began preparing to deliver a savage beating to the two helpless Jedi, the ship suddenly bucked hard, causing a temporary loss of ship power — one that caused the sudden deactivation of the Masters’ restraints.

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Testing the system.

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So, I decided that some of the new rules need to be tested,in addition to making sure that I balanced out the characters as closely to their Saga Edition counterparts as I could. To solve this, I decided to simulate a quick no-holds barred fight between Geeto and Dacer.

Below, you wild find a quickly-written dramatization of the duel, as well as a link to the math and rolls behind the duel. It was a fun little thing and I was greatly pleased to discover that after some slight modifications, the lightsaber style rules integrated quite well into the system. So, take a few moments and take a look at the possible outcome of a fight between Geeto Islad and Dacer Seurg.

I would also suggest having the John Williams track “Battle of the Heroes” playing in the background. Listen to it here on youtube.

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Post-Game Roundup: Return to Rodia

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Time: Late 6ABY, 5 months after the defeat of the Sith Brothers.

Player Characters: Geeto Islad – Andrew, (joined eventually by) Daranek Valyagar – Pudge, and Arlan (James; temp character)


Geeto Islad, in the company of his apprentice Hayliee Carran, drops out of hyperspace over Geeto’s homeworld of Rodia. Geeto intends to forcibly remove the current ruler, Grand Protector Navik “The Red”, from his place of power.

After Geeto’s meager piloting skills provide a rough landing, he and Hayliee are greeted by the Rodian port outside what’s left of their shuttle. Geeto’s Identicard carried the name “Greedo” while Hayliee went under her own name.

The lead port official, Reeda Bodo, was a childhood companion of Geeto and quickly recognized him thanks to the lightsabers that the two visitors carried.

They met later in nearby bar called the ‘Ugly Nerf’ where Reeda told Geeto of the current state of planetary affairs. He quickly realized that his initial plan of directly attacking Navik and his followers that, even if successful, would only result in causing a galactic incident with the fragile Galactic Alliance (what with the assassinating of a Head of State). As such, he decided that it would be better to exercise a measure of subtlety.

Unfortunately, a Navik loyalist was in the same bar, and rushed off to tell Navik that the sole survivor of the Islad Clan had returned to Rodia. Geeto pursued and with the aid of the Force, was able to apprehend the man. Eventually, Geeto decided to let the man return to Navik while he and Hayliee took shelter in Reeda’s home, as a guest of her father: Councilman Rannik Bodo. During the night, Daranek Valyagar and his apprentice Arlan Karrick arrived in the spaceport only to sense that Geeto was in danger.

While Geeto and Reeda sparred in the Bodo Estate’s courtyard, Navik assassins armed with Rocket Launchers attacked. Injuring Reeda in the initial blasts. Geeto fought against the attackers, where he was soon joined by Daranek and Arlan. After defeating the attackers and questioning the survivors, Geeto and Daranek decided to take the attack to Navik. Before they could do so, Reeda told them that the only way to avoid war with Rodia was for Geeto to challenge Navik to Charak’katha — a ritual fight to the death between two Rodian Clan leaders.

Two hours later, Navik in his Protector Armor and Geeto wearing only his trousers and tunic, faced off with Razor Sticks. After a brief but vicious duel, Geeto overpowered Navik with his superior strength, leaving his enemy injured and bleeding, yet still alive.

Now the Grand Protector of Rodia, Geeto declared Navik along with his most loyal followers exiled to the wastes of Rodia. He then made Rannik Bodo his successor, declaring himself to be dead in the public records.

Now an exile once again, although this time by his own choosing, Geeto left Rodia with his companions, leaving his family avenged and Navik’s dictatorship crumbled.


Character Point Rewards

All Players: 3 base, 2 for teamwork, 2 for fun. 7 total.

Geeto: 4 for roleplaying, 2 for playing in character. 13 total. Bonus: 1 Force Point

Daranek: 2 for roleplaying, 2 for playing in character. 11 total.

Arlan: N/A (James will receive bonus CPs for his character.)

Bonus: Geeto recives a bonus 30 Character Points for his background (these points were given prior to the start of the adventure and have already been spent).

Notes: Geeto learned that Reeda Bodo is Force-Sensitive.

Episode 1: Jedi Search

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Setup: Timmothy Rothland has been capture by the Prexair Pirates, a small-time pirate gang that has long since fallen from it’s glory days. Afraid that a full-scale assault will lead to Rothland being executed, the Roughnecks have asked Daranek and Geeto for aid.

Knowing that the current leader of the Pirates seems to have  a particular distaste for the two Jedi, they have allowed themselves to be captured by the pirates. Little do they know, a Jedi is not so easily detained…

The Campaign…

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The Sith Empire has been defeated, the galaxy has known peace for two years. The Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant are at a cease-fire and a new age of Jedi Knights is on the horizon.

They are only three Jedi known in the galaxy and one of their number – Dacer Seurg – has left to venture in the unknown regions, leaving the task of rebuilding the Jedi to Daranek Valyagar and Geeto Islad; the last and first of the Jedi Order.


Things to expect from this campaign.

  • Seeing Geeto and Daranek come into their own as true Jedi Masters.
  • The history of Jouren “Sarge” Harlander.
  • The remnants of the Sith Empire.
  • Exploring the backgrounds of Geeto and Daranek.
  • Other Force-Traditions
  • Mandalorians
  • A dark threat returning to the galaxy…

I’m expecting the game to last anywhere from 8 to 10 sessions of similar length to our usual play-times.