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The Campaign…

Posted in Campaign Information on December 28, 2009 by chris.w

The Sith Empire has been defeated, the galaxy has known peace for two years. The Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant are at a cease-fire and a new age of Jedi Knights is on the horizon.

They are only three Jedi known in the galaxy and one of their number – Dacer Seurg – has left to venture in the unknown regions, leaving the task of rebuilding the Jedi to Daranek Valyagar and Geeto Islad; the last and first of the Jedi Order.


Things to expect from this campaign.

  • Seeing Geeto and Daranek come into their own as true Jedi Masters.
  • The history of Jouren “Sarge” Harlander.
  • The remnants of the Sith Empire.
  • Exploring the backgrounds of Geeto and Daranek.
  • Other Force-Traditions
  • Mandalorians
  • A dark threat returning to the galaxy…

I’m expecting the game to last anywhere from 8 to 10 sessions of similar length to our usual play-times.


The story so far…

Posted in Opening Crawls on December 21, 2009 by chris.w

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Character Creation

Posted in Character Creation on December 19, 2009 by chris.w

Geeto and Daranek will be created using the templates found on the Player Characters page as a starting point, as they gain character points they may save them for in-game use or spend them to improve their abilities according to the following formulas.

Attributes – Number before ‘D’ x10 per pip. Example: Geeto has Knowledge 2D and wants to increase it to 2D+2. He must spend 20 points (2D x 10 x 2 pips=20) to gain Knowledge 2D+2.

An Attribute increases reflect on ALL Skills and Specialties, raising them by an equal amount. Example: Since Geeto raised his Knowledge attribute by two pips, his Survival skill becomes 4d+2.

Skills – number before ‘D’ x1/per pip. Example: Daranek has Blasters 4D and wishes to increase it to 5D. He spends 12 character points (4D x 3 pips = 12) and gains Blasters 5D.

An increase in Skill die does not increase the die code for any specialties associated with the Skill that was increased.

Specialties – half the number before the ‘D’ (rounded up) x1/per pip. Example: Geeto wants to increase his Blasters: Blaster Rifles 8D+2 by 1 pip. He must pay 4 character points (8D x .5 x 1pip = 4) to gain Blasters: Blaster Rifle 9D.

Force Skills – since Geeto and Daranek do not have teachers, the cost for increasing Force Skills (Control, Sense, and Alter) is equal to twice the number before the ‘D’. Example: Daranek has Control 9D and wishes to increase it by one pip. He must pay 18 character points (9D x 2 x 1 pip = 18) to gain the increase to Control 9D+1.

Equipment, money, and Force powers will be given at the time of the game.


Notes from the GM: Keep in mind the events of the past two years, Geeto and Daranek have been involved in almost no adventuring since their duels with The Sith Lords. Most of their time has been spent dealing with politicians, military advisers, and learning about the Jedi Order. Here are some skills that are worth considering:

Knowledge Skills – Bureaucracy, Law Enforcement, Scholar: Jedi Lore, Willpower.

Mechanical Skills – Space Transports

Perception Skills – Command

Technology – Space Transport Repair


Other Player Characters

If new players should join the game their characters will be created as standard new characters with an additional 280 character points. For sake of expediting the process the relevant starting character information is presented below.

  • Attribute Dice 18D (Only races with 12D base attribute die are playable.)
  • Skill Dice 7D
  • 280 Character Points

Additionally, you must work with the game master to produce a character portrait.