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Post-Game Roundup: Jedi Search

Posted in Session Summaries on May 31, 2010 by chris.w

Time: Early 7 ABY, 2 years after the defeat of the Sith Empire.

Player Characters: Geeto Islad (Andrew), Daranek Valyagar (Pudge), Kelvin Relnagar (James)


Daranek and Geeto woke up to find themselves blindfolded and bound, their weapons and equipment missing — their restraints were sending infrequent electrical pulses through their bodies , preventing them from calling upon the Force. As their guards, members of the Prexiar Pirates, began preparing to deliver a savage beating to the two helpless Jedi, the ship suddenly bucked hard, causing a temporary loss of ship power — one that caused the sudden deactivation of the Masters’ restraints.

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Testing the system.

Posted in Other on May 19, 2010 by chris.w

So, I decided that some of the new rules need to be tested,in addition to making sure that I balanced out the characters as closely to their Saga Edition counterparts as I could. To solve this, I decided to simulate a quick no-holds barred fight between Geeto and Dacer.

Below, you wild find a quickly-written dramatization of the duel, as well as a link to the math and rolls behind the duel. It was a fun little thing and I was greatly pleased to discover that after some slight modifications, the lightsaber style rules integrated quite well into the system. So, take a few moments and take a look at the possible outcome of a fight between Geeto Islad and Dacer Seurg.

I would also suggest having the John Williams track “Battle of the Heroes” playing in the background. Listen to it here on youtube.

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