Testing the system.

So, I decided that some of the new rules need to be tested,in addition to making sure that I balanced out the characters as closely to their Saga Edition counterparts as I could. To solve this, I decided to simulate a quick no-holds barred fight between Geeto and Dacer.

Below, you wild find a quickly-written dramatization of the duel, as well as a link to the math and rolls behind the duel. It was a fun little thing and I was greatly pleased to discover that after some slight modifications, the lightsaber style rules integrated quite well into the system. So, take a few moments and take a look at the possible outcome of a fight between Geeto Islad and Dacer Seurg.

I would also suggest having the John Williams track “Battle of the Heroes” playing in the background. Listen to it here on youtube.


Setting: http://www.captainblasto.com/sw/deathstar/death_star_skirmish_preview_large.jpg —Battle begins in the “Confrence Room.” Geeto and Dacer are in the west-most and east-most chairs, respectively.

Notes: Due to their familiarity with one another, all defensive rolls gain a +1D bonus, this will not be reflected in the math below (although it will still be added). This bonus does not apply to damage resistance. Both combatants have Lightsaber Combat active before the combat begins. Also, for the sake of my sanity, no force points nor character points will be used in this battle.

The rolls behind the fight can be found in the comments section below or by clicking here.


Geeto’s Danger Sense flared, then Dacer was on his feet, lightsaber ignited and in hand, jumping onto the large table and charging, his sliver-blue blade slashing down in a killing arc. Geeto barely had time to get to his feet, his own yellow blade springing into life in time to block Dacer’s stike. Gathering the Force beneath him, Geeto lept into a high flip, slashing his blade down at Dacer’s exposed head and shoulders. Dacer ducked low, whipping his blade around his body, keeping Geeto’s attacks at bay.

Before his feet even touched the tabletop, Dacer was on him again, thrusting his blade in quick erratic jabs, coming in high, then low, and then high again, spinning around to strike at Geeto’s side or back. As Dacer spun to his left Geeto extended his hand, hurling a ball of Force energy at his foe. Dacer extended his own hand, blocking the exertion, then suddenly Dacer was sending a Force Push of his own, Geeto ducked rolling under the blow and coming up in a series of quick spinning slashes to either side of Dacer’s head. He blocked the first, ducked the second, then backed away – switching to a low guard and beckoning for Geeto to press the attack.

His snout curving into an approximation of a human smile, Geeto charged. As Dacer raised his blade to meet the attack, Geeto leapt to the side, extending his arm once more and lashing out with the Force. This time, Dacer didn’t have to intercept the attack. The ball of energy slammed into his chest, propelling him off the table and slamming him into one of the heavy chairs.

Dacer cried out as an audible crack accompanied his ribs slamming into the hard metal lining of chair. Even with his visible injury, Dacer managed to roll to his feet, just in time to meet Geeto’s flashing blade as he dived off the table, his lightsaber a yellow blur as he rained down blow upon blow. Then, the unthinkable happened, Geeto thrust hard, aiming to eviscerate Dacer, only to find Dacer not there, but behind him, his lightsaber swinging to remove Geeto’s head from his shoulders. Geeto did the only thing he could think of, he stepped into the blow, causing Dacer’s arms to impact with Geeto’s shoulders.

Reaching up with his free hand, Geeto clamped down on the hilt of Dacer’s lightsaber, twisting and sending the human flying over his shoulder – leaving Geeto holding both blades. Whipping the blades around his body, he advanced on a retreating and panicking Dacer. He had to know this was the end, Dacer’s hand-to-hand ability was average at best – this would only take a moment. The fear suddenly vanished from Dacer’s eyes.

Extending both his hand, Geeto felt Dacer exert himself through the Force. Geeto braced himself against the disarm that Dacer was sure to try, then he sensed something heavy coming from his left. Spinning around, Geeto barely had time to register the huge conference table flying at him, Geeto jumped to the side trying to remove himself from the path of the table.

He was almost fast enough. The lip of the huge durasteel table slammed into his shoulder, spinning him around throwing him into a heap against the wall. His head still reeling from the impact, he felt a tug and lost his grip on Dacer’s lightsaber, allowing it to spring back into the hands of its owner. Shaking his head, Geeto flipped backwards, drawing the Force into his throbbing shoulder. By the time his feet were on the ground, Dacer was attacking his saber lashing at Geeto’s legs and shoulders.

Geeto’s vision went dark and he tasted blood as his head was violently snapped back when Dacer’s Force-enhanced kick impacted squarely in Geeto’s snout, sending him tumbling backwards into the wall. His vision darkening, he called upon the Force to keep his feet beneath him, just in time to parry another flurry of attacks from Dacer.

Pressing his advantage, Dacer slashed wildy at Geeto, unsuccessfully trying to drive Geeto into a corner where he couldn’t make use of his acrobatics. Before Geeto could find an opening in Dacer’s attacks, he sees Dacer flick his fingers towards the table, sending it flying once more.

Refusing to fall for the same trick twice, Geeto rolled to the side, avoiding the table. He lept towards the wall, using it as a springboard as he came back around, pivoting his entire body around in a viscous slash, Dacer managed to get his saber up in time to catch the blade, but was unable to stop its momentum as it bit deep into his thigh. Not letting up, Geeto continued his spin, sending Dacer crumbling to the deck with a round house that caught him under the jaw.

Dacer managed to roll to his feet, a stream of bloody siliva dripping from the corner of his mouth. He began retreating, edging his way towards the door. He never made it, Geeto sprang with the speed of  Jedi Master, his lightsaber flashing. Dacer simply wasn’t fast enough. Geeto’s first cut caught him along his injured ribs, causing Dacer to scream in agony. Still spinning Geeto lashed out in one final horizontal strike, the air smelled of burnt flesh and ozone as Dacer Seurg’s head rolled across the carpeted floor.


One Response to “Testing the system.”

  1. Intiative: Dacer = 10, Geeto = 7; Dacer acts first.
    Round 1
    Dacer takes 3 actions, Geeto takes 3 actions
    First Actions.
    Dacer stands and moves to the middle of the table as a free action, drawing his lightsaber and attacking with a downward swing (+1 for the high ground): 43 to hit, minus 1D (4) for Counter Style= 39. Geeto draws his lightsaber and defends (-1 for having to draw): 46 on defense (with wild die). Geeto successfully defends.
    Geeto, using his Fast Style ability Tumble Strike, tests Atletics vs. 15; result = 17. Geeto makes an attack. Geeto rolls a 37 (-10 for the difficutly = 27). Dacer parries, 45 (-2D [-6] = 39)
    Second Actions.
    Dacer attacks Geeto, using Circiling Thrust (-5), Dacer rolls a 40 total, with a 1D (4) penality to Geeto’s defense (42) the attack does not hit.
    Geeto uses Telekinesis to Force push Dacer off the table, he rolls 5D (19) vs Dacer’s Control 5D (+3 for move = 20). Dacer does not move.
    Third Actions
    Dacer uses Telekinesis, trying to Force-push Geeto off the table. Rolling 5D (17), Geeto rolls Control (7D) 27.
    Geeto attacks with Double Attack (-5), 11D (36, 27). Dacer successfully defends each attack.

    Round 2
    Geeto takes 2 actions, Dacer takes 1 action.
    Dacer holds his action, waiting for Geeto to make his move.
    Geeto uses Telekinesis once more to push Dacer off the table, rolling 7D (25). Dacer rolls Control to resist, he rolls 8D (25). Dacer is pushed off the table by the Force thrust. Dacer takes 2D (11) damage , he rolls Strength 2D (5). Dacer is wounded.
    Dacer uses Control Pain to keep his injury in check. He rolls 7D, getting a 19. He is able to ignore the pain from his attack.
    Geeto jumps off the table, attacking Dacer (+2 momentum bonus), he rolls 14D (52). Dacer attempts to parry, he rolls 15D+2 (56). Dacer successfully avoids the attack.
    Round 3
    Dacer takes 1 action (1 wound), Geeto takes 2 actions.
    Dacer holds his turn.
    Geeto attacks, using Tumble Strike (-10), he rolls 14D (39, wild die). Dacer attempts to parry the attack, this time using Distracting Parry (-10), he rolls 14D+2 (47, wild die). Dacer manages to parry the attack, forcing his way behind Geeto.
    Dacer attacks, getting a +1D from Counter Style, he rolls 15D+2 (42, complication). Getto parries, rolling 14D, with a -1D penality from Counter Stlye (42). Dacer hits, rolling 9D (26) damage. Geeto rolls 4D+1 (22), Geeto is stunned. Due to the complication, Geeto manages to grab hold of Dacer’s Lightsaber. An opposed strength test is required. Geeto rolls 4D+1, with a -1D stun penalty (12). Dacer rolls 3D, with a -1D for his wound (9, wild die). Geeto managed to wrestle the lightsaber from Dacer’s grip.

    Round 4
    Dacer takes 1 action, Geeto takes 2.
    Dacer uses Telekinesis to pick up the large table and throw it at Geeto, he rolls 7D (23), lifting the table. He then rolls Control 7D (19). Geeto attempts to Dodge, rolling 6D (17). He his hit by the large table, receiving 3D (16) damage, Geeto rolls 4D+1 (14) to resist, he takes an additional Stun, and is knocked prone by the table.

    Round 5
    Dacer takes 2 actions, Geeto takes 2 actions.
    Dacer uses Telekinesis to try and pull his lightsaber from Geeto’s grasp, he rolls 6D, -8 for difficulty (46, 3 wild die). Geeto rolls Control 9D (42, wild die). Dacer pulls his lightsaber back to him, he then reatreats 4 meters.
    Geeto leaps back to his feet as a free action and uses Control Pain, rolling 8D (27). He is able to shrug off his stuns.
    Dacer attacks with his lightsaber, rolling 14D+2 (56). Geeto parries, rolling 14D (45). Geeto is hit for 9D (31) damage, Geeto rolls 4D+1 (18). Geeto is Incapacitated, he rolls Remain Conscious with Control 11D (37), he remains standing till the end of the next round.
    Dacer attacks with his lightsaber, rolling 13D+2 (50), Getto parries rolling 14D (58).

    Round 6.
    Dacer takes 2 actions, Geeto takes 2 actions.
    Dacer attacks with his lightsaber, rolling 13D+2 (45). Geeto parries with 14D (51). Geeto defends.
    Geeto uses Control Pain, and keeps the power up, allowing him to ignore his Incapacitated status.
    Dacer uses Telekinesis, picking up the battered conference table, and once again hurls it at Geeto, he rolls 7D (29) then Control 7D (20). Geeto uses Dodge, rolling 5D (22, wild die). Geeto dodges the table.
    Geeto attacks with his lightsaber, rolling 13D (60, wild die). Dacer parries with 14D+2 (51). Geeto does 10D (26, with -2 for complication), Dacer rolls 3D (15). Dacer is Incapacitated. He uses Remain Conscious and remains standing.

    Round 7
    Dacer takes 2 actions, Geeto takes 1 action.
    Dacer uses Control Pain , and is able to ignore the effects of his Incapacitation and wound. He keeps the power up. He moves back 4 meters.
    Geeto moves the 4 meters to meet Dacer, using Double Attack (-5), he rolls 14D (45, 50). Dacer attempts to parry the attack, rolling 14D+2 (43). Both attacks hit. Geeto deals 8D (25, 35 damage). Dacer rolls his Strength of 3D (19, wild die). He takes one wound, making him incapacitated, which makes him Mortally wounded, he also takes a death blow.
    Geeto Islad wins.

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