Post-Game Roundup: Jedi Search

Time: Early 7 ABY, 2 years after the defeat of the Sith Empire.

Player Characters: Geeto Islad (Andrew), Daranek Valyagar (Pudge), Kelvin Relnagar (James)


Daranek and Geeto woke up to find themselves blindfolded and bound, their weapons and equipment missing — their restraints were sending infrequent electrical pulses through their bodies , preventing them from calling upon the Force. As their guards, members of the Prexiar Pirates, began preparing to deliver a savage beating to the two helpless Jedi, the ship suddenly bucked hard, causing a temporary loss of ship power — one that caused the sudden deactivation of the Masters’ restraints.

Using the Force, the Jedi broke their restraints and easily overpowered the four guards, each taking a blaster from the downed men. With the Force once again open to them, the Masters sensed something in the same detention block they were held in: Another trained Force-user.

Easily fighting their way through the few guards they encountered, Daranek and Geeto were able to rescue the trapped prisoner, a human male named Kelvin. He was dressed in robes reminiscent of the Jedi robes that the Masters had worn during their battles with the Brothers of Sith and identified himself as a member of a Force tradition known as the Zeison Sha, although he was the last of his clan (the rest were killed during the Sith War).

Although he initially feared that his rescuers were part of the group who had captured him on Dantooine, Kelvin found that the two were, in fact, extremely powerful in the Force. He agreed to help them escape, and to find their friend who had also been captured by the pirates.

Fighting their way to the bridge, they found the captiain — someone that Geeto and Daranek had encountered before. Many years ago, on their first mission together, Geeto and Daranek had been captured by a group of pirates going by a similar name. During their escape, Geeto had delivered a viscous heel kick to the face of a tall human, who was the leader of the pirates. Although he was previously handsome, his the right side of his face was now completely cybernetic. After quickly killing some of the bridge crew, the Jedi offered to let any who wished to flee the opportunity to do so — something that all but two of the bridge crew did. Alone with only two allies, the pirate Captain Dannik fell quickly. His crew were easily killed as Geeto drove a powerful kick into the organic side of his face, killing the man once and for all.

The ship began to buck once more, and it became apparent that another ship was attacking them, the Murader Corvette Sarge’s Fist, the mobile base of Roughneck Company. After contacting the corvette in order to stop the attack on the ship, they found and freed General Rothland, then set the pirate vessel to self-destruct. Their escape pod was picked up by Sarge’s Fist in time for them to view the destruction of the Imperial Customs Frigate that the Pirates had been using.

After some discussion is was decided that Kelvin would join the Jedi Masters at their academy, and remain with them in the mean time as they scouted locations for the location of their “Jedi Academy.” With the aid of the Roughneck techs, three possible locations were found — not counting the GA’s offer to use Courscant:

. Telos: Some 2,000 years previous, this planet was home to a small Jedi enclave in what had been the polar regions at that time but, were now more akin to grasslands.

. Endor: There are still some remnants of Imperial Technology still around, including several bases and outposts that could be converted for Jedi use. Natives could be a problem, though.

.Yavin IV: The Massassi Temples that the Rebel Alliance had made use of during its early days still stood strong in the jungles of this world. The great temple that the Alliance had taken over was devoid of any significant equipment, although was still wired for power and could be resorted with minimal difficulty.

Embarking on a scouting trip, the group consisting of Geeto, Daranek, their apprentices: Hayliee and Arlan, and the newcommer Kelvin began the task of assessing each location’s viability as a training site.

Starting their trip with the outer rim world of Telos, the Jedi began looking in the large northwestern hemisphere. After several hours of scanning (and some help from the Force) the group came upon a large outcropping of rock in the middle of a deserted field. After landing the Sea Turtle on top of the massive formation, Daranek was able to locate a door buried under several meters of dirt.

After excavating the door, the group detected a distinct Dark Side taint inside this location. Ordering Arlan and Hayliee to take the ship back into the Atmoshpere; Geeto, Daranek, and Kelvin descended into the remnants of the Jedi structure. Finding signs of battle between Force-users, the cold Dark Side feeling increased as they descended lower into the structure. Coming across what appeared to be a council chamber, they found a long walkway across a great chasm that led to an oversized door.

After opening the door with the Force, the group discovered several sets of humanoid remains, along with ancient rusty lightsaber hilts. In the middle of the carnage, set a crystaline black object: A Sith holocron.

Ordering Kelvin out of the room, Daranek and Geeto prepared to examine the holocron. Daranek, his experience with the Dark Side giving him something to work with, was the first to attempt access. Unwilling to bend to the wishes of the holocron’s guardian, Geeto decided to see if he could bypass the holocron’s defenses.

Unused to the temptations of power, Geeto gave in, letting anger flow into the device. Suddenly, a glowing hologram of human male in dark armor appeared above the Sith artifact. When Geeto refused to kill Daranek in exchange for the secrets it possessed, the holocron deactivated itself — refusing to reactive for either of the Jedi Masters.Deciding that the residual Dark Side energies that permeated the place made it unsuitable for training raw Jedi recruits, the group left the place with the holocron in tow, sealing the former Jedi academy behind them. Not wanting to risk another incident with the holocron, Daranek set a course for the cluster of black holes known as The Maw. There, they loaded the Sith Holocron into a torpedo, intending to fire it into the black holes. As it was being loaded, the Holocron began calling out to Geeto, promising him power, including one ability the Rodian Jedi greatly desired: The ability to block a lightsaber strike with his bare hands. At the urging of his companions, Geeto was able to resist, and the holocron was fired towards its doom.

Next, they traveled to Endor. Although it was remote enough to provide the pirvacy they needed. Lack of sufficient training space in the dense forest, combined with the curiosity of the native population made the Masters decide against it as a training site.

Finally, they arrived at Yavin IV. The planet offered everything that they could have hoped for. The jungle was alive with natural life, the Great temple had an abundance of space, had room for numerous vessels, a functioning kitchen, and enough rooms for over a thousand soldiers. Contacting the Galactic Senate, they stated their desire that ownership of the planet be transferred to the Jedi Order, a request that was soon approved.

Not a moment after signing the paperwork, a message from General Rothland arrived on their datapads, informing them that a sizeable group of Sith forces had taken refuge in Centerpoint station — including at least one powerful Sith Lord, he also went on to say that Larec Strandiss, a human woman who was on their shortlist of Jedi candidates, was also on the ship, leading a commando team against the Sith.

Once again loading into the Sea Turtle, they traveled directly to Correllia, and boarded the ancient station orbiting above the planet. Meeting briefly with General Rothland, the Jedi Masters assigned their apprentices to return to the ship, not wanting to take them into a pitched battle. Meeting with Sergeant Dizyak and his squadron, they learned that a compliment of six Sith commandos were manning three E-web Repeating Blasters. The two Masters, along with Kelvin, decided to rush the emplacements, depending upon their lightsaber and Force abilities to get them through the hail of blasterfire that would greet them.

When the three rushed through the archway that led to the large barricade that the Sith had erected, a series of shaped explosives detonated, sealing the entrance behind them. A brief, but very intense fight followed.

Using the Force, the Jedi were able to rip the E-Webs from perches atop the barricades. While Daranek and Geeto used a mixture of the Force and blasters to pick off the Commandos, Kelvin righted one of the fallen E-Webs and began firing at the Sith. Just at the battle was coming to a close, a series of flash grenades dropped from the celling, followed by more Commandos repelling down from the shadows.

Just before the commandos landed, the floor under Master Valyagar collapsed, dropping him nearly 20 meters down to a lower level in the station. Using the Force, he stopped his fall, and found himself face-to-face with a Sith Lord, his robe bearing the red collar of one trained by Lord Pathos. While Geeto and Kelvin eliminated the Commandos above, Daranek and the Sith Lord engaged in a viscous lightsaber duel. Using his telekinetic abilities, Daranek was able to overcome the Sith’s superior lightsaber skills with a powerful Force Push that drove a piece of jagged durasteel support through his chest.

Before the Sith Lord died, he whispered his dying words to Daranek Valyagar, “Soon, he will betray you.”

The Jedi returned to Yavin IV, preparing the temple for occupancy and gathering the supplies they would need for the next few months. Geeto Islad spent much of this time in meditation, contemplating how close he was to accepting the offer of the Sith Holocorn. As the Masters met on the Temple steps, the sounds of a transport breaking atmosphere heralded the arrival of their students.

Before the day was out, one more ship arrived, a beat-up YT-1300 named The Millennium Falcon. Out stepped the wookiee Chewbacca and Princess Leia Organa herself. They were transporting a candidate discovered by Dacer Seurg on Kessell during his travels: A young man named Kyp Durron.


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