Post-Game Roundup: Dark Specter

Time: 7 ABY, six months after the Skirmish on Centerpoint Station.

Player Characters: Geeto Islad (Andrew), Daranek Valyagar (Pudge), Kelvin Relnegar (James).


The six months following the foundation of the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV have been relativity uneventful — in so far as nothing has occurred that requires the attention of Geeto and Daranek — and the training of the inaugural class of Jedi Knights has proceeded with virtually no hiccups.

That is, until now.

During a lightsaber sparring session, Kyp Durron one of the two most promising students at the academy (the other being Leia Organa) was dueling against Kyle Katarn when suddenly, Kyp began striking at Katarn with intent to injure, using his anger and rage to drive the more experienced duelist back across the sparring platform. Luckily, Kyle’s familarity with the weapon and the timely intervention of Geeto and Daranek prevented any serious injuries from occurring. Kyp was giving a public dressing down my Master Islad, and the young apprentice expressed his regret at his actions and apologized to Katarn and the other students for allowing the sparring session to get out of hand.

To help wear off some of the adrenaline from the fight, Geeto and Daranek decided to lead the group on an extended jog through the jungle surrounding the Great Temple. Nearly two hours into the jog, they called for a rest after sensing a disturbance in the Force somewhere near their current location. Ordering Katarn and Relnegar to escort the students back to the academy, Geeto and Daranek set off to investigate the source of the disturbance.

After trekking through the jungle for the better part of half an hour, Geeto and Daranek came across a sizable temple of black obsidian in the middle of a small lake. After finding the ruins of a long-sung walkway under the surface of the water, they carefully made their way across to the temple where they located a passage into the depths of the ancient structure. Before they could enter, a splash sounded from the lake. Rising from waters from which she had fallen into, an embarrassed Haylie Carran rose, grinning guiltily at the masters.

Not wanting to send the girl back through the jungles on her own, yet not wanting to allow someone to enter the temple alone, they decided to let the girl accompany them, provided that she stayed behind them.  The group entered the temple, following the hallway’s ancient, yet somehow still functioning, lighting they made their way down the long narrow passageways to find themselves in a small amphitheater.

At the center of the room was a single black monolith, over two meters tall and covered in archaic Sith runes. Upon examination, Geeto was able to make out several of the inscriptions, the words ‘spirit’,  ‘entombed’, and ‘Sith’ were found in several locations upon the face of the black stone. Kelvin Relenegar, seraching for Hayliee, whom had run off from the main group, entered into the structure.

Relieved that the missing girl with with the Jedi Masters, he assisted them in searching through the temple, finding few items other than the remnants of what previous looters or time had already taken from the structure. Deciding that there was nothing of any consequence left in the black temple, the group headed back to the Temple.

Later that night, during the evening meal, Hayliee approached Geeto and asked him to being training her in his “Fast” lightsaber style of combat. After some consideration, Geeto agreed, and began training the young girl in the arcobatic movements that were at the core of his technique. Three days later, she debuted the technique in a training lightsaber sparring match against Kelvin Relnegar.

Despite Kelvin’s experience and greater skill with the Force, Hayliee’s years of training with the weapon proved to be too much for the Zeison Sha Warrior and he was quickly overwhelmed. Despite his obvious defeat, Hayliee continued the attack, beating the older man into unconsciousness before Geeto and Daranek were able to stop the fight. Hayliee was ordered into meditation while training was cancelled for the remainder of the day.

Later that evening,  Geeto was visited by the spirit of an ancient Sith Lord, Exar Kun.


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