Post-Game Roundup: Emerald Destiny




A distress call from the planet Rodia has been received by the Galactic Allaince. The message states that they are under attack from unknown adversaries and require military aid. After loosing several scouting parties, and with all other venues of investigation exausted, the GA has asked the Jedi Order to investigate.

Still reeling from Exar Kun’s failed attack, the Order is unable to send a team of Jedi to investigate. However, former Rebel commando, Jedi Master Geeto Islad, has volunteered to lead a small strike team to Rodia while Master Valyagar stays behind to watch over the students. For dark dreams have been plaguing the Jedi students, visions of an approaching storm that seems centered on the fledgling academy.

As Geeto’s shuttle prepares to drop from hyperspace, the Rodian Jedi Master is focused on the task at hand, unaware of the destiny waiting for him in orbit above his world…


The shuttle containing Master Islad and a team of hardened Galactic Alliance Marines exited hyperspace over Rodia, only to find a world aflame. Before the group could decide on a course of action, a large Star Destoryer type vessel came into view, locking the small craft in one of it’s powerful tractor beams. As the craft was taken into the docking bay, Master Islad formulated a plan.

As the Commander of the forces ordered Geeto and his team to exit the shuttle unarmed, the Jedi Master began cutting a circular hole through first the shuttle floor and then the deck of the docking bay. The Imperials realized what was happening inside the shuttle and began opening fire upon the craft. As the shuttle’s weak shielding quickly failed under the assault, Geeto ushered the team through the hole, escaping just as the shields failed and the assault shuttle was destroyed. The team continued through a labyrinth of maintenance corridors, with Geeto trusting the Force and his own intuition to guide them.

As the team progress, their numbers were slowly whittled down from the original 7, to 5 by various entanglements with squads of Stromtroopers. During their trek through the numerous corridors, one of the Marines noticed that much of the technical work had been rushed to completion, while some sections were missing panel covers, while yet others were still a ways from being completed.

The group continued until they finally reached a row of service turbo lifts. They picked one at random and piled into it. As soon as the lift doors shut, it began moving upwards – without any buttons being pressed. Unwilling to let them be taken somewhere, Master Islad used the Force to halt the lift’s progress while to of the marines forced the door open, which resulted in a hail of blaster fire that claimed the life of yet another marine. Out of ideas and not wishing to become lost in the maze of the ship, Geeto allowed the lift to take them where it wished, confident in the abilities of himself and his team to deal with whatever awaited them.


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