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Post-Game Roundup: Emerald Destiny

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A distress call from the planet Rodia has been received by the Galactic Allaince. The message states that they are under attack from unknown adversaries and require military aid. After loosing several scouting parties, and with all other venues of investigation exausted, the GA has asked the Jedi Order to investigate.

Still reeling from Exar Kun’s failed attack, the Order is unable to send a team of Jedi to investigate. However, former Rebel commando, Jedi Master Geeto Islad, has volunteered to lead a small strike team to Rodia while Master Valyagar stays behind to watch over the students. For dark dreams have been plaguing the Jedi students, visions of an approaching storm that seems centered on the fledgling academy.

As Geeto’s shuttle prepares to drop from hyperspace, the Rodian Jedi Master is focused on the task at hand, unaware of the destiny waiting for him in orbit above his world…

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Post-Game Roundup: Dark Specter

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Time: 7 ABY, six months after the Skirmish on Centerpoint Station.

Player Characters: Geeto Islad (Andrew), Daranek Valyagar (Pudge), Kelvin Relnegar (James).


The six months following the foundation of the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV have been relativity uneventful — in so far as nothing has occurred that requires the attention of Geeto and Daranek — and the training of the inaugural class of Jedi Knights has proceeded with virtually no hiccups.

That is, until now.

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