BBY = Before Battle of Yavin

ABY = After Battle of Yavin


2 BBY – Daranek Valyagar and Dacer Seurg begin working with the Rebel Alliance. Geeto Islad partakes in a ground assault against an Imperial Base under the command of a man calling himself “Sarge.” During the assault his squad is assaulted by a lightsaber-wielding foe. Working with Sarge and a Trandoshan Pilot, they emerge victorious. A rebel doctor named Tac Brenneth, who himself was a failed Jedi in his youth, gave Geeto rudimentary Force training.

1BBY – Daranek and Dacer are paired with  Geeto Islad, over the course of the next year of working alongside him they discover that Geeto has had rudimentary training in force abilities and lightsaber combat.

1ABY – The three, now known as the “Roughnecks”, are one of the most effective SpecOps teams that the Rebellion has at its disposal.

2ABY – Daranek is kidnapped by a Dark Jedi Woman calling named Mischa, she begins instructing him in the ways of the Force.

3ABY – Geeto and Dacer catch up to Mischa and Daranek on Ord Mantell. A confrontation ensues, with Daranek attacking Geeto and Dacer. During the fight, Dacer displays rudimentary force ability. Working together, Geeto and Dacer subdue Daranek and manage to turn him back from the darkside. Together, they combat Mischa, who flees rather than be killed. They also discover a datapad in Mischa’s left-behind belongings containing many essays written by Jedi Masters from the Old Republic.

4ABY – The Roughneck’s ship, The Great Sea Turtle, suffers a hyperdrive malfunction whilst in route to the rendezvous at Sullust, preventing them from participating in the assault on Sullust, which lead to significant casualties to the rest of Sarge’s soldiers. General Han Solo is killed on the planet Endor and Luke Skywalker dies on board the Second Death Star.

5ABY – Following their dismissal by Alliance Command, the Roughnecks wandered the Galaxy for some time, gathering Jedi artifacts and training their Force abilities. They later encountered Mischa, who seemed repentant for her transgressions against them. Saying that her masters wanted to meet them and apologize. She led them to Korriban, where they were met three Sith Lords, whom emboldens by Plapatine’s death decided to take his place at the head of the galaxy, and saw the Roughnecks as a threat to their power. This surprised Mischa, who fought alongside Geeto, Daranek, and Dacer against her masters.

Geeto, Daranek, and Mischa each engaged one of the Sith in lightsaber combat while Dacer layed down fire from afar. Within moments though, the Sith easily overwhelmed their foes and advanced on Dacer. Using Mischa’s lightsaber he displayed an unprecedented skill, beating back all three of the Sith Lords. However, his skill did not last and was stabbed through the heart by the one calling himself “Logos.”

Mischa unleashed a barrage of Force Lightning against her masters, delaying them enough for Geeto and Daranek to escape with Dacer’s body. As they fled in the Turtle a large Sith Armada came from behind the planet as they escaped into hyperspace. When they went to check on Dacer’s body, they found him breathing with his wound gone, a day later he was on his feet with no memory of his death.

The Roughnecks contacted Sarge, who informed them that The Sith had taken Courscant from the Imperials, and that a war was on.

5.5ABY – A meeting between the Rebel Alliance the Imperial Remnant was held on board a Ithorian herdship to discuss an Alliance against the Sith Empire. The Sith attacked the meeting, leading the herdship to crash onto the nearby jungle planet. Working with Sarge’s brother “The Colonel” and his Stormtroopers of the 231st, they fought their way through the jungle but were cornered. When all seemed lost, a joint force of X-wings and TIE fighters attacked the Sith Forces, marking the birth of the Galatic Allaince.

6ABY – Over the next year, the Roughnecks expanded from a 3-man team into a full Squadron consisting of both Army and Navy elements. Geeto, Daranek, and Dacer were all promoted to the Rank of Commander under the direct supervision of General “Sarge” Harlander. They led nearly every major assault on Sith-held planets, forging Geeto, Daranek, and Dacer into Galactic Heroes.

7ABY – After receiving coded transmissions from Selonia in the Corellian System, Sarge requests a permission to lead a strike team to Corellia to discover the reasons behind the vague messages. Alliance command denies his request.

Deciding that whoever is sending those messages must have good reason for doing so, Sarge assembles a small team consisting of Geeto, Daranek, Dacer, and 20 other members of Roughneck Squadron without clearance from Alliance HQ.

The team breaks through the Sith Blockade over the planet, and links up with Selonian resistance. A month later, Sarge leads a small team towards what he believes to be the source of the signal that brought them here. A day later, no word from Sarge’s team is heard. Geeto, Daranek, and Dacer head out to find him.

They find the dead bodies of most of the team along with several dead Sith troopers and two dead Sith Apprentices. Only Sarge’s body is missing. Following their trail, the come upon a shuttle that has been rigged to to automatically depart for a pre-programed destination. A single message is displayed on the display:


Having no choice, they hit the activation switch. The shuttle takes them to the Cloudland Peaks. Where Mischa, now missing one arm waits for them with Sarge, who is beaten and bloody. Before anyone can say anything, Mischa activates her lightsaber and decapitates Sarge with one smooth stroke.

In the battle that follows, Mischa is quickly and easily defeated. With the rage still hot in their blood, a squadron of Sith fighters appears on the horizion and starts blasting the small plateau, but before they can kill the three Jedi, The Great Sea Turtle hurtles down out of the clouds, and easily destroys the Sith fighters with the aid of two TIEs. As the rest of the Galactic Alliance Fleet arrives, the original Roughnecks steal away in their ship, heading the Courscant with one thing on their minds: to kill Pathos, Logos, and Ethos.

Once on Courscant, they are quickly noticed by the Sith forces, and after several engagements, they receive an invitation to come to the Sith Temple to finish it once and for all. The message is delivered by Mischa’s younger sister. Although she initally attacks them, she relents quickly and breaks down into sobs, telling them how her sister was tortured after she saved them on Korriban. Leaving the young girl to her inner-demons, they head to the Sith Temple to confront the Sith Lords.

Once at the temple, they are quickly disabled with Stun Grenades by numerous Sith soldiers. An unknown time later, they each wake up alone in separate rooms, all of their weapons gone except for their lightsabers. Following the corridors they each come face-to-face with one of the Sith Lords.

Deep in the bowls of the Temple, Daranek faces off against Ethos, a battle of the Force erupts, tearing the small room apart. During the fight, Ethos displays an ability to manipulate mechanical objects with the Force, which enables him to use Daranek’s prosthetic arm against him. Realizing this, Daranek cuts the arm off, and manages to defeat Ethos.

On the roof of the Sith Temple itself, a battle of blinding speed, power, and technique occurs between Geeto and Pathos. Their battle becomes a blur of yellow and red light as their lightsabers meet again and again with blinding speed. Eventually, Pathos’s confidence in his combat ability leads t0 him getting careless, and Geeto capitalizes on this, surprising Pathos with a move that carries him over and behind, allowing Geeto to plunge his saber through Pathos’s unprotected back.

While in a hanger, Dacer and Logos engage in a brief duel before Logos feels into a Sith Fighter. Dacer follows in another Sith Interceptor, the two engage in a dogfight that leads to both ships being badly damaged. They both eject from the fighters and continue their battle on the walkways of Courscant. A rain comes, drenching both fighters to the bone as they beat away at each other with their blades, silver metting silver-blue. Neither is able to gain the upper-hand in the fight for some time, until suddenly, perhaps due to sweat or the slickness of the rain, Dacer’s lightsaber slips in his grip, and is knocked off the edge by Logos. Dacer leaps after it, only once he has it, he finds himself falling uncontrollably. Suddenly, an airspeed piloted by Mischa’s sister swoops under Dacer, saving him from his certain death.

Seeing this Logos reaches out with the Force, slamming the Speeder against the duracrete. The speeder tumbles onto a nearby walkway. Crawling out from the wreckage, Dacer finds the young girl’s head crushed by the weight of the speeder. before he has time to mourn, Logos leaps down, intending to finish him. Rolling away, Dacer, springs up and cuts a long gash across Logos’s chest. As the man lays dying, his hood falls back, revealing a man who looks much like Dacer.

“Brother,” he says while coughing up blood “you have no idea do you?” Dacer looks on dumbfounded as Logos laughs, “Our mother is still alive.”

With those final words, Dacer’s brother dies.

7.5 ABY – Geeto Islad returns to Rodia and deposes Navik the Red.

8 ABY – As soon as he’s able, Dacer heads into the unknown regions to investigate his brother’s final words. Left behind, Geeto and Daranek find themselves being hailed as heroes, and the GA asking them to look for Jedi to train.


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