Roughneck Company

The Roughneck Emblem

Roughneck Company began as a three-man Special Operations Group consisting of Geeto Islad, Daranek Valyagar, and Dacer Seurg under the command of Commander Jouren Harlander known simply as “The Roughnecks.” For years The Roughnecks operated behind the scenes of the Rebel Alliance’s war against the Empire, rising to become one of its most reliable and effective teams.

After the Sith War broke out, the team was reorganized into a 12-man Squad that was assigned to protecting high-level dignitaries of the Rebel Alliance. After the Rebels and the Imperial Remnant re-organized into the Galactic Alliance, it was discovered that the status of the Roughnecks was near-legendary amongst not just the former Rebels but in the ranks of the Imperials as well. With this knowledge in-hand, Galactic Alliance Command decided to re-organize the Squad, expanding it to a company consisting of both infantry and navy elements under the direct authority of General Jouren Harlander with Geeto, Daranek, and Dacer as commanders. After the war ended, the leadership of the company was given to the command of General Timmothy Rothland.

The Roughnecks enjoy a considerable degree of anonymity from the command structure of the rest of the Galactic Alliance, generally being given leave to accomplish tasks and missions however it sees fit. The downside of this being that that they do not have direct access to Galactic Alliance Equipment, and must make do for long periods of time without being re-supplied.

Roughneck Company has the following personnel and starships at its disposal.

  • 1 Platoon of 40 Infantrymen selected across all GA service branches.
  • 14 Starfighter Pilots
  • 2 SpecForce Commando Squads of 4 soldiers each.
  • 1 Heavily-modified Marauder-class corvette Sarge’s Fist.
  • 2 Lambda-class shuttles
  • 12 T-65 X-wing starfighters.
  • 140 Navy Crewmen (including 40 gunners)

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