Sarge’s Datapad

The personal datapad of Jouren “Sarge” Harlander is a treasure trove of information. However, it has been DNA-locked to respond only to a set number of individuals; Geeto, Daranek, and Dacer being the only confirmed authorized users.

The information on the datapad reveals some interesting possibilities about Sarge’s activities over the years, both during and before his time with the Rebellion.

The first and most obviously useful thing present in its memory banks are a number of bank accounts and their access numbers, totalling to more than two million credits in accessible cash, and nearly another three million in bonds and investments spread across the galaxy. None of this money appears to have come from Alliance funds and was unknown to the High Command.

It also contains the locations of  a dozen stockpiles of equipment and weaponry on several Outer Rim planets, each large enough to easily outfit a small army, if only to the minimum.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the datapad is the wealth of information pertaining to various planetary governments, persons of interest, and logs of operations that Sarge was either a part of or oversaw during his long career.

Much of the information of the datapad pre-dates Sarge’s involvement with the Rebels, giving credence to the theory that Sarge has been active in at least one other professional military organization, in addition to his confirmed Mandalorian past. It also implies that Sarge was running more than Special Operation teams during his time with the Rebellion, with signs pointing towards a previously unheard of Black-Ops division within the Rebels, something that has been denied by those who would know such things; even Timmy swears that he knew nothing of these activities.

Regardless of this, it was obvious that Sarge was prepared for any eventuality that might confront him. The knowledge and resources contained within the datapad are now in the hands of the fledgling Jedi Order.


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