The Prophecy

Deep in the bowels of the Sith Temple, Galactic Alliance personnel found something scrawled on one of the bed chambers before they began demolishing the building, the writing was later discovered to be written in an ancient script used by the Sith thousands of years ago. Only recently has this writing been translated.

He is the Warrior. His heart beats the never-ending sound of war. For all his days, he shall know battle, never at rest, never at peace, his life will forever be one of conflict and destruction. When the drums beat, he will march.

And when the darkness beats its march, he shall be the first hear the sound, the first to war against it, and he will be the first to fall to it.

This shall not be the end of the Warrior, his beat yet still shall be heard. He shall deny the beat within him, but always there it shall be. Calling to him, bringing him back to that at which he is best.  And in the twilight of the dark, when the third star shall make its long fall, the Force shall call to him and he shall finally know peace.

And his long march will be at an end.


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