The Sith War

The Sith War was a brief and bloody conflict fought between a group calling themselves The Sith Empire and the eventual combined might of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and The Galactic Empire.

Two months after the Battle of Yavin, when both the Rebellion and the Empire were recovering from the heavy losses each side sustained, Team Roughneck (which at the time consisted of only of Dacer, Daranek, and Geeto) encountered three “Sith Lords” whom were later revealed to be the leaders of the Sith Empire on the planet Korriban. The Roughnecks survived the encounter and managed to warn the Rebellion about the massive fleet that chased them out of system.

The early warning allowed the Rebellion to prepare for the quick attacks that the Sith launched in quick succession, allowing a significant portion of the Alliance’s fleet to regroup near Dac.

The Empire, was not so lucky. Despite their vast numerical superiority, the Sith Fleet was able to cut a whole through Imperial Defenses straight to Courscanst. In a matter of days, the Sith Empire pummeled the heart of the Empire into submission and made the Imperial capital their own.

For the next six months, the Sith attacked various worlds along the core, managing to subdue a significant part of the Core for their new Empire. During this time, leaders of the remnants of the Empire and the Rebellion met to discuss a possible alliance against the Sith, leading to the foundation of the Galactic Alliance.

At the forefront of the campaign against the Sith were the Roughnecks. The Original three-man team was reorganized, forming them into a fully-fledged military company that became the spearhead of the Galactic Alliance’s attacks against the Sith. With Geeto, Daranek, and Dacer coming forward as Jedi Knights to combat the Force Powers of the Sith and the combined Military Genius of Admirals Ackbar and Thrawn,  the tide of battle slowly began to turn in favor of the GA.

The War culminated in 7ABY when a Roughneck strike team, led by Jouren Harlander and the three Jedi Knights, disobeyed orders and inserted themselves behind the enemy lines on Selonia in pursuit of a desperate plea from a resistance on the planet that had intel that could change the tide of the war. Now, it is clear that the distress call was merely a ploy set up by the leaders of the Sith to lure the Jedi into a trap. Although the team suffered heavy casualties, including Harlander, the intended targets survived. The GA forces rallied to save the Jedi and managed to break the Sith Fleet that was in orbit around the planet, sending them back to Courscant.

Once again, in the dead of night, the Jedi stole away in their ship, travelling to Courscant where they eventaully faced down the Sith Lords controlling the Empire. After the deaths of all three, the Sith Fleet became disorganized, allowing the superior numbers and tactics of the Galactic Alliance ships to easily defeat the Sith, scattering the tattered remains.

In the years since the war ended several facts bear mentioning to shed further light on the Sith Empire’s capabilites.

-Although the Sith Empire’s fleet was small (barely a fifth the size of the combined fleets of the Rebels and the Empire), they possesed a coordination that far out-stripped the capabilities of their overwhelmed opponents.  Now, we know that this was due to the significant number of Force-users practicing a technique known as “Battle Meditation” which allowed sub-conscious levels of coordination that made up for their lack of numbers.

-The Sith themsevles were the true might of the Sith Empire, although their army and naval forces were well-trained, it was the Sith on the ships and on the ground that made the real difference in the fight. It took considerable firepower and tactics to successfully defeat these Dark Force-users. Once Geeto, Daranek, and Dacer began actively participating in military engagements, they were able to counter-act many of the powers of the Sith, allowing for more decisive victories for the Alliance.

-Although the leadership of the army has crumbled and many of the former Sith soldiers surrendered, there are still active pockets of raiding Sith forces  active in the galaxy. Many reports suggest that their are still several active Sith Force-users with these remnants.


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